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Electromeet Terminology

Understand these and you’ll be well on your way to understanding Electromeet.

User Participant, Presenter, Provider and anyone who wants to use Electromeet as their eLearning and collaboration.

Session – any Session where participants need to be invited by a Provider before joining. Typically sessions are part of a paid-for course or are offered in house by an employer, employer’s supplier, or institution.

Provider – company, institution or individual who establishes and administers session(s) for participants.

Provider ID – Name that is used by the Provider when acquiring a Licence

Master Password – Supplied to the Provider’s Main Contact with any Provider licence. It provides full access to the Provider Log In pages on the website. This includes access to the files of recorded sessions.

Main Contact – the Provider’s main contact, the person authorised to acquire the Electromeet licence and holder of the Master Password.

Access Key – a small file sent to participants and presenters via a link in an email. The Access Key provides access to a session. Presenters have a special Access Key which provides special permissions in Electromeet. All Participants use the same Access Key.

Participant – learner, colleague, associate or anyone who wants to join a session for the purpose of learning or collaboration.

Presenter - guide, teacher, instructor or anyone who shares the presentation role during a session.

Virtual Room – the secure place on the Electromeet central computer where a one-off session or series of sessions can be hosted by a Provider.

And terms that are useful for Providers:

Provider Licence – gives the Provider permission to use a ‘virtual room’ to hold sessions for a certain number of participants for up to 12 months. It is like “renting” an Electromeet virtual room. For example, a 20 user licence allows sessions for a group of up to 20 participants to be held non-simultaneously over 12 months. Providers can operate sessions 24 hours, 7 days and give Access keys to whoever they wish to invite.

Licence Versions – The free license lasts for 30 days. Other licences last for 12 months.

Plus options (to be set up in future versions):
Laboratory patch panel
Participant patch panel